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Enterprise Profile

Shanghai Xinlanhai Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinlanhai") is a professional special smelting furnace manufacture company, which scope of business includes research and development, designing, manufacturing, selling and after-sale service. Xinlanhai was established in October 2013. The headquarter is located in Zhangjiang Science City, Shanghai, and the production base is located in Xuancheng, Anhui about 6 acre area. Xinlanhai can provide all kinds of melting furnace includes Vacuum Precision Investment Casting Furnaces(VPIC), Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace(VIM), Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace(VAR), Protective atmosphere electroslag furnace(ESR), Vacuum Induction Shell Melting Furnace(VISM), Automatic weighing and mixing System for Titanium Sponge(TWS), Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace(VHT), Vacuum Brazing Furnace(VAB), Anti-gravity Vacuum Precision Investment Casting Furnace(AG-VPIC), Vacuum Single Crystal Silicon Furnace(VSCS) and Non-Ferrous Metals Vacuum Induction Melting And Continuous Casting Furnace(VIM+CC) so on.


Core Products